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Client Testimonials

The Coastal Hypnosis Center far exceeded my expectations in professionalism, quality care and client satisfaction.  The procedures used for hypnosis were completely safe, explained and experienced as described.  The time involved was just enough and I never felt rushed in or rushed out.  Deborah is the first hypnotist I have been with, so comparatively speaking She’s the Best!  I know that her services far exceeded my expectations.  The continuous care (if needed) is impressive.  I only hope my continued contact will be to tell her I am still a non-smoker.



I would like to thank Ms. Riner for her help in stopping me from gritting my teeth.  Since her sessions with me I have stopped this painful habit.  Her professionalism manner also highly impressed me.  I would try hypnosis again with her for any problems or habits that I would like to stop. Excellent!



Being directed by Deborah Riner under hypnosis I have never had the feeling of being “controlled’ against my will.  Nor were the sessions invasive or uncomfortable, rather it has been very comfortable and can be very relaxing.  At no time did I feel in jeopardy or threatened with my privacy or the handling of such information that would be gathered while under hypnosis.  At all times, I was treated with the utmost professionalism by Deborah Riner.  While under the influence of hypnosis, I was able to focus more intently on specific areas that were being addressed.  At no time was I ever suggested to be foolish or in any way to compromise my moral integrity.  All sessions were done under the utmost professionalism, in a professional environment.  The effect of hypnosis is not unpleasant, nor are there any side effects such as one might experience due to the effects of prescription drugs.



I have stopped smoking for one month now and I am delighted!  Deborah is a dedicated and lovely, conscientious therapist.



I needed a change.  Diet pills were like candy to me and a lazy attitude about exercise did nothing to help me lose the weight I wanted to lose.  Under hypnosis I have changed my attitude about exercise and I know I do not need diet pills to lose weight.  I have a positive outlook about myself and about the way I plan to proceed with my diet plan.  I am losing weight and cannot wait to get out there and bicycle 10 to 20 miles a day!  I was a Cheeze-It NUT.  I had to eat a BOX a day!  Through hypnosis, I have not had a Cheeze-It snack in 5 months!  A person needs self-motivation to get off his seat and do what he needs to do to lose weight.  I received that from Ms. Riner’s Hypnosis sessions.  Thank you!


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I have been hypnotized by Deborah for several reasons.  The first was for pain control as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was taught self-hypnosis to help alleviate the pain and tiredness common to the disease.  During a recent flare-up she was able to relax me enough that I was able to sleep through the night without pain.  I have also been hypnotized for weight loss and have lost 6 of the 10 pounds I wanted to lose.  Even though being on Prednisone for the arthritis I have been able to maintain that loss for six weeks now.  I find occasional reinforcement makes it easier for me to maintain my goals.



I suffer with sinus headaches and back pain.  I also have trouble sleeping.  Since I started Reiki Therapy, the headaches are few and my back pain is less.  I have learned how to relax so I sleep through the night.  Eventually I believe I’ll be able to get off some of my meds.  I suffer from depression and my meds have been cut in half.  Since I am not as stressed I am able to handle stress better



I have been having Reiki treatments by Deborah Riner for three years.  I leave each session completely calm and self-assured of future decisions I must make.   I had a problem of only sleeping 4 hours a night.  This was cured during the Reiki sessions.  I now sleep at will and get all the sleep I need.  I leave the sessions feeling confident and reassured.  Deborah is a Professional in the Highest meaning of the word.  She wants to help you with your problems and is the most caring practitioner I have ever known.



I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort that you put into our in-service meeting yesterday.  It is hard to imagine how you used just one hour to put so much great information into an easy to understand and useful presentation.  I know the information that you gave our teams will be used again and again.  We have already started talking about opportunities to have you continue working with our group as well as other groups within our district.  You were fantastic!  Thanks again and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.Sincerely,

Janet Mitchell

Glynn County Schools

Food and Nutrition Coordinator


In the past year I’ve been diagnosed with cancer.  After Chemo and Radiation, surgery was scheduled for removal of the tumor.

The surgery was canceled due to dangerously high blood pressure because of the situation and “major” White Coat syndrome.  The blood pressure medicine wasn’t doing the job to remedy the problem.

A Friend had used hypnosis to stop smoking and suggested that I give it a try.  I will be forever grateful to my Friend and Deborah.

With her very capable help I was able to bring the B/P down and re-schedule the surgery.  B/P stayed low-normal throughout surgery and recovery with no medication for blood pressure.

With Deborah’s help, hypnosis has guided me through more Chemo and surgery and I am now in remission.

I still have some fear in Medical Situations but now I have the tools to cope with the problems and I know who to call if I need help.

I try to spend time everyday on self-hypnosis.  It has made such a difference in my life.  Now I have the patience and clear thinking to enjoy life and I have the resources to handle trying situations in a more constructive way.

I think now I have the edge because I am able to distance myself from problems, go deep in thought and process things more objectively and discern how I really feel about the situation.

Deborah is very skilled at her profession and is a very compassionate person.




Hello Deborah,

I wanted to give you an update on my progress in not smoking. I smoked my last cigarette on August 24th. I know that is some time from when I saw you, but it didn’t click until that day. I did what you said, I listened to the CD’s every night and reviewed the affirmations every time I looked in the bathroom mirror, as that is where they are still taped, for me to see each day. I occasionally have the urge for a smoke, but know as AA says one drink one drunk, one smoke one smoker!

I appreciate your assistance in this more than you will ever know, it gnawed at me every day. And undoubtedly something in those CD’s hit me on August 24th, because I said to myself that day when I went outside to have a smoke, this is stupid, I am done. And I went inside and stayed for 3 days, because I was afraid that if I went outside I would forget that smoking was stupid. So that is my story, share it if it might help someone else. I am taking it one day at a time.

Thank You!!



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