Services Available:

Hypnosis Room

•Stress Reduction Facilitator

•Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) 

•Insomnia/Sleep Concerns

•Motion Sickness                                                            

•Nail Biting                                                         


•Sales Success                                     

•Improve Self Confidence/Discipline

•Stage Fright

•Success in Life



•Weight Control/My Future                                            

•Enhance Academic Performance                                

•Male/Female Intimacy Issues/Intimacy Concerns      


•Regression Experiences

•Tobacco Cessation

•Bed Wetting

•Skin Conditions

•Asthma/ Breathing Issues


•And Much More!



Some Services Require Physician Referral.

Hypno Room


The following Compact Discs are available for purchase:

Tobacco Cessation #1

Tobacco Cessation #2


Sleeping Soundly

Fight Back with Chemo

My Future (weight control)

Alcohol Free


All CD’s are $15.00 each.


For Optimal Benefit, These CD’s Should Be Listened to Just Before Bed Or While Relaxing. These CD’s Should NEVER Be Listened to while Driving or Operating a Motor Vehicle or Machinery!!!



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