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We all know Oprah has struggled with her weight. She’s also pretty tough on the diet industry as a whole. Yet, she seems to remain open-minded to any technique or approach that offers real hope.
Her health expert, Dr. Oz, has been a proponent of using Hypnosis to assist people in breaking bad habits and developing healthier ones. Now in O Magazine, a Harvard psychotherapist suggests there is real evidence that hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off!


Are You Hypnotizable?

Most people think they are not. But, in fact, 95% of people are hypnotizable. How do you measure up?

The quiz is designed for you to gain a better understanding into how you might react in different situations and how those reactions form patterns to determine how you process information.


Are You Stressed Out?

Stressful situations are a part of everyday life. How it affects our health is largely dependent on how we respond.

The stress quiz is designed for you to better understand how well you manage stress. When answering, try to be as honest as possible in each of the situations. There are no right or wrong answers.


How’s Your Memory?

Memory is the process of retaining and retrieving information that is stored in the mind. There is no question that hypnosis is an excellent tool to enhance memories by improving the methods by which we create and retrieve them. This is partly based on the operator, and partly on the client’s responsiveness to hypnosis.

It happens to all of us at one time or another – we become preoccupied and experience a temporary memory lapse. In taking the quiz, remember the operative word is ‘frequently’.


Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?

There are many factors that influence the way we feel about our body, including our upbringing and media influence. Body image impacts our life by affecting how we feel about our self, how we project our self, and how we take responsibility for our personal best.

Your body is an amazing and beautiful instrument. Changing the way you think about it is the key to changing behavior. Hypnosis can help change the way you see yourself at an unconscious level. Take this quiz to find out where your body image stands now–and how you can improve it.

How Do You Rate Your Self Esteem?

Your self esteem is a direct reflection of what you think and how you feel about yourself. Hypnosis is an excellent tool to enhance self esteem.

Use this quiz as a guide, keeping in mind that once you become consciously aware of your level of self esteem you can begin to make better choices that will in turn, create a healthier self image.


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