What is Hypnosis?

HYp Room

 The main idea behind hypnosis is that the mind and body work together and cannot be separated.  Unconscious negative thought patterns and unresolved emotions can cause physical and mental illness…..and the subconscious mind can be used to help resolve these issues.


During hypnosis, the doorway to the subconscious mind is opened.  In this state, suggestibility heightens, mental absorption increases, senses become more acute and the imagination communicates with the subconscious to create change.


Hypnosis is not meant to replace standard medical treatment, but it can enhance the effectiveness of traditional treatment methods, including medication and surgery, for many conditions.  In addition, it’s safe, simple, effective and has no side effects.


Reiki:  The Energy That Heals

Reiki is an art traced to teachings from Japan in the early 20th century.  Reiki practitioners often use the technique to help ease clients’ anxiety and stress…help with postsurgical pain….nausea and fatigue from chemotherapy.
How does it work?  
The traditional principle is that the practitioner taps into an energy that exists within and around us, then channels this energy to the client, enhancing the body’s innate healing abilities.  The modern scientific theory is that Reiki promotes profound relaxation, increasing levels of pain-relieving, mood-boosting brain chemicals called endorphins.
What to expect:

During a typical 60-minute reiki session, the client (fully clothed) lies on a massage table. The practitioner places his/her hands, palms down, on or just above a dozen or so different spots on the client’s body, holding each position for several minutes.  Clients become deeply relaxed, and some perceive sensations of warmth or tingling at the spot being treated.






About Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent:

All matter is made of atoms.  Negatively charged atomic particles called electrons vibrate and spin in orbits around the nucleus of atoms and, in doing so, produce electromagnetic energy.  Each tissue and organ has a specific frequency that is unique from all of the body’s other tissues and organs.  Because water is a conductor of electromagnetic energy and because the human body is approximately 70 % water, people are susceptible to electromagnetic field changes, whether intentional (therapeutic) or from background environmental pollution.

Cells become injured, diseased, and the vibrational frequencies of their electrons are disrupted.  The specific abnormal vibration is not only determined by which tissue is afflicted (tendon, cartilage, liver, bone, etc.), but also by the type of causation (inflammation, infection, stress, shock, injury, toxicity, etc.)  These two variables determine the frequency selection and are essential to achieve good results.  Disturbed cellular frequencies may become “stuck”, in effect causing symptoms and leaving the affected person with chronic ailments that do not respond to the usual interventions.

Precision Distributing, Inc., FSM, is a FDA approved medical device that is grouped in the same category as TENS units.

Patients report benefits after or within 24 hours following a single FSM session.  Benefits can be permanent or may last between four days to a week, with the duration of benefit lasting longer with each subsequent session.  Many situations call for repeated sessions at appropriate intervals.  Good outcomes have been observed when using FSM for long-standing symptoms, even when other treatments have failed.

FSM requires a light touch – no painful or deep pressure is involved.  The therapist delivers FSM through graphite gloves wrapped in moist towels.  Towels are placed around the neck and ankles, usually for one hour.

Numerous modes are available such as:  Macular Degeneration, Vertigo, Restless Leg Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, Shingles, Bronchitis.  Call for a detailed listing.


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